In early 2017, after years of playing mostly solo shows, Paul Moody reached out to the most talented Chicago musicians he knew to form Paul Moody and the Revelators. The band’s Debut EP titled, The Island, was released on September 13th. As usual with Moody - heavy themes and unflinching self-reflection are in abundance, but there is a level of playfulness and humor not found in his previous releases.  With lines like, “Education’s a black hole, takes my cash like a pimp, the future’s looking dim, I’ll go get drunk again, I wish I was still a kid”, Moody is able to capture a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction that is very real in his generation, and yet, he does it with a lighthearted, humble, and goofy manner - a manner which longs to offer solace and understanding to anyone struggling with similar feelings.

With a wide range of influences from folk legends like Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson, John Hartford, Bob Dylan, Snooks Eaglin and John Prine to contemporary artists like Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Andy Schauf, Blake Mills, Angel Olsen, and Sufjan Stevens - Paul Moody’s music is steeped in the rich roots of American music, while simultaneously having a perspective and feel that could only exist in today’s culture and society. While Moody is clearly an avid listener and student of folk and roots music, he also has a fearless and irreverent songwriting voice, the result is music that is familiar yet fiercely original.